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Proceedings of the 21st International Cartographic Conference, 10.-16.8.2003, Durban, South Africa

  • Cöltekin, Arzu, Olga Kremenova & Kirsi Virrantaus. A Survey on the
    Present Online Education Offered in the Field of Cartography and Geoinformatics
  • Cöltekin, Arzu. Virtual Reality as an Interface to GIS: Focus on WWW
  • Edwardes, Alistair, Dirk Burghardt, Matthias Bobzien, Lars Harrie, Lassi
    Lehto, Tumasch Reichenbacher, Monica Sester and Robert Weibel
    . Map Generalisation
    Technology: Addressing the Need for a Common Research Platform
  • Jakobsson, Antti & Jorma Marttinen. Data Quality Management of Reference
    Datasets. Present Practice in European National Mapping Agencies and a Proposal
    for a New Approach
  • Krisp, Jukka & Paula Ahonen-Rainio. Combining Real and Virtual Components
    for Visualizing Ecological Barriers
  • Mikkola, Aaro & Heli Ursin. EuroGlobalMap Digital Data Base Covering
  • Nivala, Annu-Maaria, Tiina Sarjakoski, Antti Jakobsson & Eija Kaasinen. Usability
    Evaluation of Topographic Maps in Mobile Devices
  • Oksanen, Juha. Tracing the Gross Errors of DEM. Visualization Techniques
    for Preliminary Quality Analysis
  • Pätynen, Veijo. Mapsite – Internet Map Service of the National Land
    Survey of Finland Gets Dressed in Modern Technology
  • Sarjakoski, Tapani & Lassi Lehto. Mobile Map Services Based on Open System

Proceedings of the 20th International Cartographic Conference, 6.-10.8.2001, Beijing, China

  • Cöltekin, Arzu. Exercises in Cartography and Geoinformatics:
    Teaching the Colours. Vol 1, p. 185-193
  • Jakobsson, Antti & François Vauglin. Status of Data Quality in
    European National Mapping Agencies. Vol 5, p. 2875-2883.
  • Jakobsson, Antti & Leena Salo-Merta. Definition of a Basic
    Topographic Framework for National GI Policy – One Database for All Basic
    Topographic Data. Vol 4, 2197-2205.
  • Lehto, Lassi & Tiina Kilpeläinen. Generalizing XML-Encoded Spatial
    Data on the Web. Vol 4, p. 2390-2396.
  • Oksanen, Juha & Tapani Sarjakoski. Modeling DEM Uncertainty in
    Geomorphometric Applications with Monte Carlo -simulation. Vol 5, p. 2885-2890.
  • Salo-Merta, Leena, Ari Tella & Ilkka Vanhamaa. Database Design
    in Migration from Traditional to Object-Oriented GIS – the Evolution Story
    of the Topographic Database of Finland. Vol 2, p. 1392-1400.
  • Tuurnala, Tiina. ”S-57CARTO” – An Expanded S-57 Data Model to
    Support the Production of Enc Cells and Printed Charts from One Common
    Database. Vol 1, p. 561-568.
  • Virrantaus, Kirsi. Cartography in University Educational Program.
    Vol 1, p. 124-131.
  • Virrantaus, Kirsi. The Design Process of an Internet GIS
    Application – ”Seututieto” – Project as an Example of a Municipal Land Use
    Planning Application in Web. Vol. 4, p. 2425.

Proceedings of the 19th International Cartographic Conference, 14.-21.8.1999, Ottawa, Canada

  • Jakobsson, Antti. Experiences in Quality Management and Quality
    Control in Topographic Data Production at National Land Survey of Finland.
    Vol 1, p. 193-202.
  • Leskinen, Teemu. National Place Name Register Integrated with
    Cartographic Names Register for Multiple Scales and Products. Vol 1, p. 885-892.
  • Oksanen, Juha & Olli Jaakkola. Computing and Visualizing Morphologically
    Sound DEMs in a Raster Environment. Vol 2, p. 1053-1060.
  • Rajala, Tuija & Kirsi Artimo. Two Prototypes for an On-Line GIS
    Application for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Registers Supporting Queries,
    Analyses and Visualisation. Vol 1, p. 839-846.
  • Salo-Merta, Leena. Object-Oriented Modeling Approach on
    Geo-Databases and Cartographic Products. Vol 2, p. 1423-1431.
  • Sarjakoski, Tapani & Tiina Kilpeläinen. Holistic Cartographic
    Generalization by Least Squares Adjustment for Large Data Sets. Vol 2, p. 1091-1098.
  • Tuurnala, Tiina & Ismo Laitakari. The Challenges of Production of ENC Cells and
    Paper Charts from one Common Database. Vol 2, p. 1703-1711.